About us

TEAM Africa is an alliance of Advisors, Entrepreneurs, and Investors with a focus on the corridor between Germany, France and the countries of Africa. We share a passion for the last growth region and see the potential of working together with our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere.  

With roots on the African continent (Ivory Coast, Cameroon) as well as the center of life over many years in Africa and of course countless projects in various countries of Africa, we dedicate all our energy to the cooperation with the great continent Africa.

An African proverb says 

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others." 


That's why GreenTec Capital, MOBIANG, Africa Ventures Advisory and Zeitec joined forces to form 

TEAM Africa - Together Everyone Achieves More

Our Footprint in Africa

Africa's Potential in Facts & Figures


The untapped potential of this great continent, the unique people, the cultural diversity, and the great opportunities to improve the living conditions motivate us every day to promote cooperation with the countries of Africa and to realize projects in this course. 

This requires a long-term perspective, extensive knowledge of African countries, local networks and partners, as well as the conviction that we are not alone on this journey and that we are tackling the opportunities and challenges in partnership and on an equal footing. 

We have this conviction and that is why we go together as a TEAM.

Our Services

We combine our individual strengths, many decades of experience and excellent resources and bring them together for our clients. The promotion of economic cooperation is the focus of our projects. In addition, we will promote joint events, conferences, publication and thought leadership - all our activities are geared towards intensifying the engagement of businesses, associations, foundations and politics in relation to Africa. 



For our customers and partners, there is no "one size fits all" approach, but we design projects to fit individual strategies and needs. In this way, we do justice to our customers from the most diverse sectors, but also to the very diverse continent of Africa - we consciously see diversity and difference as an opportunity here. 


Nevertheless, we have categorized our services and as TEAM we are able to offer the following service categories:

Market Entry

With our vast and diverse experience on the ground, we are able to provide assistance for the perfect start of your African business journey.  Together with you, we will develop a market entry strategy that exactly fits your needs and does not adopt a standard approach.

Impact Investments

Our experience in the financial sector combined with the experience of impact investments in Africa allows us to develop a unique impact investment strategy, for you and with you. As the strategy is not enough, we support you in the implementation phase of the investments as well and are always on your side during your investment activities. 

Startup/Entrepreneurial Support

Being entrepreneurs ourselves and founders of various startups on the continent, we know about the difficulties that arise. Based on our learnings and experiences we help promising startups to grow and are happy to open our excellent network spanning the continent to supported startups.

Fund/Legal Entity Structure

Our insights into both the African fund ecosystem as well as into the European ecosystem allows for an in-depth analysis of chances and risks. With our experience in the financial markets, we are able to develop a unique fund structuring strategy with you and assist you in the implementation phase.

Interim Management

Based on the vast experience of our Advisors, we do not only offer Advisory Services but Interim Management as well. Making use of the personal focus of TEAM members, we offer Interim Management in infrastructure projects as well as in startups

Advisory Board/Committee

As experienced Advisors in the European-African corridor, we fully believe that our TEAM members can bring value to Advisory Boards and Committees by offering insights into the business sphere of the two continents.

Delegation Trips to Africa

Our vast experiences in all regions of Africa allow us to plan, organize, and execute customized delegation trips throughout the continent. Doing business in Africa is no desktop exercise but requires being on the ground, meeting potential partners and experiencing the continent by yourself.

Due Diligence

Centuries of experience in the investment and legal sector allow us to conduct Due Diligence services in all investment matters.

Greentec Capital and Africa Ventures Advisory are part of the initiative "Beratungsgutscheine Afrika" that allows German SMEs to get funding for Africa-related Advisory work. We are happy to inform you about this possibility in a personal exchange. 





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